Discover our handmade natural fragrance pendants from Smell & Spice! Made from 100% soy wax, essential oils, dried flowers and/or decorations. Our scented pendants are available in different scents, including lavender, forest, vanilla, cinnamon-orange, coffee and cherry rose. During the production process we add the scents to the wax, so that the scent blends together perfectly for a unique scent experience.

Our fragrance pendants are not only functional, but also a beautiful decoration for any interior. Hang them in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, baby room, toilet! They are easy to hang on doorknobs, vases, lamps or wall racks.

Combine our scented pendants with a scented candle in the same scent for an extra powerful scent experience. Or choose one of our gift packages with a scented pendant and scented candle or bath salts. We also offer tailor-made gift packages and orders.

Take a look at our webshop for more information or contact us via or Instagram. All our products are made with passion and care, especially for you!

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