Natural Mother's Day Gifts: Surprise Your Mother with Handmade and Original Products

Mother's Day 2023 is just around the corner (Sunday, May 14) and it's time to surprise your mother with a special gift. At Smell & Spice we have a wide collection of handmade and natural products, with which you are guaranteed to make your mother happy. In this blog we give you gift tips for Mother's Day and show you how to give an original gift that is sustainable.

Soy wax scented candles

One of the most popular gifts for Mother's Day are scented candles. Scented candles not only create a cozy atmosphere, but can also help you relax after a busy day. At Smell & Spice, scented candles are made from soy wax, which means they are durable and have a longer burning time than candles made from paraffin.

Special edition Mother's Day scented candle

Our sustainable scented candles especially for Mother's Day are almost available and are the perfect gift for your mother. These soy wax candles give off a wonderful feminine scent to put your dear mother in the spotlight! The scented candles have a beautiful design with sweet texts such as 'For the dearest Mom' and Happy Mother's Day!'. This shows your mother that you think of her and appreciate her.

Natural soap for hand and body

Give your mother a pampering moment with our natural soap for hand and body. Our palm oil-free soaps are handmade with natural ingredients and are available in various delicious scents. They are suitable for all skin types and clean and care for the skin in a natural way. For Mother's Day, a limited edition soap is available with a special scent, so that your mother feels extra spoiled.

Special edition Mother's Day soap

Our limited edition Mother's Day soap is the perfect gift for the mother who likes something unique. The design of the packaging was specially designed for Mother's Day with the text ' For the sweetest Mama' and 'Mama, I love you!' and gives the gift an extra personal touch.

Bath salts for Mother's Day

Give your mother a relaxing bath moment with our bath salts. Our bath salts are made from 100% natural ingredients. The bath salt cleanses and relaxes the skin and provides a moment of peace and relaxation. So does your mother deserve a wonderful relaxing moment? With our bath salts you can turn the bathroom into a wonderful spa!

Room spray for Mother's Day

Our newest product is Room Spray! (Almost available) Our room spray is perfect for the mother who likes a nice scent in the house. The room spray is made from natural ingredients and is available in three different wonderful scents. With this you give your mother a gift that provides a wonderful scent experience in your home. The room spray looks beautiful with various dried flowers and herbs incorporated into it, making it a truly original gift!

Fragrance pendants for Mother's Day

Our scented pendants are an original gift for Mother's Day. The scented pendants are not only beautiful to look at and hang, but also spread a wonderful scent in the home. Nice to combine with our other products!

Mother's Day gift package

If you can't choose between our delicious products, you can also surprise your mother with a gift package. Our gift packages with natural products are also a great gift idea for Mother's Day. Various gift packages are available at Smell & Spice. Combine our Mother's Day products in a beautiful gift package if you really want to put your mother in the spotlight! Would you prefer a different scent and label that can be used all year round? In addition to the special Mother's Day editions, we also have many more beautiful gift packages!

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