Discover the Wonder of the Holidays with the New Christmas and Winter Collection from Smell & Spice

The holidays are fast approaching, and at Smell & Spice we are very excited to share our brand new Christmas and Winter collection with you. Get into the Christmas spirit with these wonderful scents, including Gingerbread House, Smells Like Christmas, and Winter Wonderland. Our scents from the Christmas and winter collection fill your home with a warm and festive atmosphere.

Scented Candles: Natural Enchantment

Our scented candles, such as the popular Gingerbread variant, are made from 100% natural soy wax. The Gingerbread House fragrance has a mix of ginger, saffron and lemon as top notes. While it burns, the scents of brown sugar and molasses are released. And the icing on the cake is a pinch of nutmeg, cloves, allspice and vanilla as base notes. All in all, this creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your space.

Our Smells Like Christmas scented candle? A Christmasy mix of fresh spruce needles and warm cinnamon that immediately takes you to the holidays. Burn it and feel the coziness!

Winter wonderland scented candle, the name says it all! A perfect scent for autumn, winter and Christmas. Be surprised by this scent that gives off a very rich and warm scent. A favorite of many because the scent immediately makes you think of the atmospheric winter days.

Fragrance pendants: Atmospheric Accents

Bring the Christmas spirit with you wherever you go with our scented pendants. Hang them in the toilet, on the Christmas tree, or in your cupboard for a touch of festiveness where you need it.

Soap for Hand and Body: Pampering for the Skin

Our soap for hand and body is not only luxurious, but also sustainable. Free from palm oil and sulphates, and enriched with glycerin to nourish and care for the skin. And a perfect little something to give during the holidays!

Room spray: Instant Winter Atmosphere

Instantly create a winter atmosphere in any room with our room spray. Smells Like Christmas brings in the scent of pine trees and cinnamon, while Grandma's Apple Pie smells like Grandma's apple pie or how about Spicy Bergamot? Our Room spray Spicy Bergamot smells like a genuine bergamot scent that is interwoven with warm and spicy aromas of cinnamon, saffron and cloves and a floral, spicy undertone. In addition to the wonderful scent, our room spray also has a very beautiful look and is therefore beautiful to display as decoration in the interior.

Gift packages: Sustainably Packaged Surprises

Surprise your loved ones with our beautiful gift packages, put together with love and packaged in sustainable material. The perfect gift for those you love and want to give a unique and handmade gift!

Sustainability as a Core Value

At Smell & Spice we strive for sustainability in everything we do. Our scented candles are made from natural soy wax and our soap is free from palm oil. We love products that are good for you and good for the planet.

Shop Now and Embrace the Winter Season

Discover the wonderfully scented world of our Christmas and winter collection. Order today and give your home a warm embrace of wonderful scents and sustainability.

Welcome to Smell & Spice this holiday season. 🎄🕯️

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